Goodloe Alumni House

Ariel view of Goodloe Alumni House


The Goodloe Alumni House was named after Don Speed Goodloe, the first principal at the Bowie location of the school now known as Bowie State University. Located off Jericho Park Road and adjacent to the university’s campus, the Goodloe Alumni House is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. This designation pays tribute to the Goodloe Alumni House by recognizing its importance to its community, state and the nation, as well as deems the property worthy of preservation.

Today, the Goodloe Alumni House boasts a warm, homey atmosphere that makes it ideal for intimate gatherings. Numerous holiday parties, formal meetings, and indoor and outdoor activities have been hosted at the Goodloe Alumni House. A special room inside the home is dedicated to the Bowie State University National Alumni Association for spearheading a fundraising campaign to purchase the home in 2000.


Goodloe Alumni House
9300 Laurel Bowie Road (MD-197/Laurel Bowie Road and Lemon Bridge Road)
Bowie, MD 20715