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New Teacher Induction Program Approved

Posted: March 22, 2024

HIU's College of Education is pleased to announce official approval to launch a new Teacher Induction Program (TIP) starting with the 2024-2025 academic year. TIP will provide mentoring and support of new teachers during their first years of teaching.

HIU's Teacher Induction Program has been a months-long labor of love, which resulted in an affordable, pragmatic, and personalized program for new teachers. We firmly believe that Teacher Induction is one of the most powerful ways to support and develop new teachers so that they thrive and grow in their first years and truly enjoy teaching for years to come.

This two-year program is grounded in two research-based principles that are foundational to the design. The first is weekly 1-1 mentoring relationships to provide the support new teachers need during their first years of teaching. The second is to strengthen the candidate’s data-driven instruction and decision-making through an inquiry model to support new teacher growth in the California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTP).

The program will consist of: 
  • a triad meeting with the candidate, site administrator, and mentor, 
  • weekly 1-1 meetings with the mentor, 
  • a candidate-driven individualized learning plan (ILP) guided by the candidate’s current classroom student data, and
  • regular feedback and support from their mentor, professor, and program chair. 

Each program year will end with a Colloquium in which year one candidates will share their ILP process and findings in small groups, which include their peers in the program and mentors. We will actively recruit and welcome candidates, mentors, professors, and the program chair from diverse populations, collaborating with participating schools and districts, in order to support all new teachers in their entry, development, persistence, and success in the field of education. 

TIP candidates will earn 6 graduate credits for each year of completion in the program, for a total of 12 units over the course of two years. 6-9 of the units may be applied to HIU's M.Ed. or M.A. Educational Administration program. 

We are incredibly excited to begin welcoming clear teacher credential candidates to HIU in Fall 2024 and forging strong partnerships with local Southern California Districts and schools! 

// To inquire, contact Dr. Joyce Yang, Dean of HIU's College of Education.